The Ultimate Wellness Vacation Guide

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It’s a weird paradox. You get in shape to feel like your best self when you’re on vacation in your new trunks or your new bathing suit, and then you make it onto vacation, laze around, eat all the good stuff and go home only to start the cycle again.

Vacations are for enjoying – and we’re all about it – but what if you could make them a little healthier? We’ve rounded up the best healthy vacation spots, take a look!

1- Sansara Surf and Yoga Retreat

Silhouette of yoga group of people doing tree pose and namaste with calm relax emotion at beach,Meditation pose,Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle

Ever been to Panama? Now’s the time. Not only can you lie on the beach, work on your tan, and eat Panamanian delicacies, you can learn to surf and learn to relax and unwind. Now that’s a vacation you won’t need a vacation from.

2- Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs

Man Hiking Sand Dunes at Sunset - Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado USA.

We already know fresh air is good for us, but did you know the higher up you are the better it is? Go to the mountains, hike, bike, go boating on the lake, by the way did we mention they have a spa?

3- Zumba Cruise

Couple dancing and having fun at a summer party in a yacht

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve ever wondered if you can Zumba, party, and see the world all at the same time, you can. You’ll be taught by the Zumba founder himself and eat incredible food – you can’t fault this vacation for fun.

4-  1 Hotel South Beach

Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, stretching, doing Glute Bridge exercise, female teacher correcting dvi pada pithasana pose, working out, indoor full length, studio

Okay, so this technically isn’t a wellness vacation but this hotel has it all: onsite SoulCycle studio, yoga, pilates, meditation classes, and a fitness center with dedicated trainers. You can literally (almost) do it all. And you’ll be in Miami, where once again, there’s a beach!

5- Wanderlust Fitness Retreats

Three young athletes doing abdominal exercise with a truck tire on beach. Athletes doing gym workout outdoors

CrossFit lovers unite. There’s a place you can go on vacation and do CrossFit, and it’s in Bali! 7 days of fitness and adventure with certified coaches in one of the dreamiest places on earth. What’s not to like?

Been anywhere we haven’t mentioned! Let us know below!

Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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