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ARRRRGHHH! Right?! I am so sorry. There is NOTHING worse than investing and not getting results. Know that you are NOT alone. My (virtual) office is filled with people who come to me for the same reason. I am so glad we have now met so that I can help you get results for your effort. Here are my Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) tips for getting better health – which includes getting to your better body composition – fueled by better nutrition from better not perfect choices more often.

Doing everything is usually too much.
That’s right, your body may be overwhelmed if you changed everything all at one time. In fact, there may be things that you were doing right, that your body loved, that you changed too. When it comes to weight loss, we only need to address what is not working and learn to act better for you not perfect more often. So the first thing we need to do is assess you – where are you at healthwise – that will help us help you figure out what really needs your attention and then how we can help you act better more often. The tools I use are my nutrition log, nutrition plan and evaluations as they help me help you assess you – simply put they highlight what is working and what needs attention.

You are not what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb.
Too often, we ignore the body’s complaints and focus on the results. For example, you may be focused on the weight you’ve gained around your mid-section or cellulite on your legs and arms, but ignoring the body sending you signs – bloating, constipation, skin breakouts, reflux, etc – that digestion is not happening optimally. Why does this matter? Because the body won’t lose the fat and address the cellulite until digestion is optimized. The number one reason people are not losing weight despite making effort(s) is their digestion not functioning optimally. My tools are my better digestive evaluation and tune-up that can help you get your digestive system working optimally and work with you to get results from all your other efforts.

What’s really right?
Today we know what better nutrition is and is not. Unfortunately, that isn’t as exciting for the news and it doesn’t sell more books or more programs, so what we also have is a lot of nutrition information and recommendations that are not providing better nutrition. When you measure what you are actually doing use my nutrition log against my better nutrition plan you will see if the plan you are on is helping you do more right, helping you act better, more often. A lot of plans discuss quantity but forget about quality or they focus on one macronutrient like skipping carbs or loading up on fats but they fail to discuss nutrient balance. There are only four pillars of better nutrition but they are all equally important. So assess your plan for better nutrition today.

Don’t lose weight, get better body composition.
Ok I know we love it when the scale number goes down; we see flashes of what we looked like and how we felt when we were a different weight number. But the reality is that that weight numbers tell us very little about our health and equally important, they don’t even make us look better in our clothes. Our body composition – our fat mass compared to our lean body mass – is much more important for both. So you should measure your success against how your clothes are fitting, how you look in your birthday suit, and even how your body composition numbers are changing (if you have access to someone to assess or to a scale that can help measure). Some scales may measure body composition less accurately than others so I still have clients use clothing and checking themselves out in their birthday suits too!

Still not getting results? Well that’s why I work with patients privately and you are more than welcome to visit my website www.AshleyKoffApproved.com to arrange a personal consult with me. Let’s do this!

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  1. By Laci Decker on Sun Jan 08 2017

    Hi, I’m Laci and I’m a bit young to be doing workouts and trying to lose weight… I have been working out and eating a lot more healthier than I was before. I haven’t gotten results! What do I do?

    • By Femi Agbaje-Williams on Tue Jan 10 2017

      How old are you Laci? And what’s your current weight? It’s important not to overdo it, and to take your age into account. If you’re active and you’re eating enough (2000 Cal) healthy, whole foods, then just be patient. It often takes up to 3 months to start seeing change in your body, so don’t beat yourself up. Measure your energy levels instead – as these tend to be good indicator of how healthy you are.