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Who I am…

My name is Anna, I am 24 years old and live in Hannover in Germany. I work in public services.

The beginning and the goal…

My start weight – when I decided to lose weight – was around 89,9 kg. First I lost some pounds by just taking away fat from my meals. When I reached 86 kg I completely changed my diet. My first goal weight was 72 kg as my BMI then no longer was rated as overweight. I am 1,70 m (5ft 7 inches) tall. My next goal was 69,9 kg in order to get rid off the 7 in the beginning. My current goal weight is 59 kg.

How it changed my life…

It is almost impossible to compare my life then and now! I was very unhappy about my looks when I was overweight. I suffered from depression and eating disorders. But today everything is completely different! By focusing on changing my diet and reading a lot about nutrition I realized that a change to vegetarianism would help me a lot. Later on I even became 90% vegan. I started to love exercise, especially running. Today I am an enthusiastic runner. But there’s more than that: today I am finally  physically able to do the job of my dreams and I have decided to pursue a new career path. All this is only possible due to my weight loss.

The journey…

I had to overcome many obstacles but they made me strong and even more convinced to keep on fighting. I had many months when my weight did not change at all, which was very frustrating. Apart from that I got diagnosed with food allergy, which resulted in a complete change of my diet in order to get rid off all discomforts. I managed to keep on fighting and have now managed to reach 2/3 of my goal. Today I do not have any doubts that I also will reach my final goal.

Congratulations Anna from the whole Lifesum team!

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