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What even is a meal replacement anyway?

Embarking on the journey to healthy living is always a step in the right direction. You can choose from various wholesome dieting options that suit you. Among these dieting options is meal replacement. Meal replacements are usually nutrient-dense drinks like 310 nutrition that are consumed in place of solid meals. They have a significantly low amount of calories and are high in essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Meal replacements came in as a welcome relief for people like bodybuilders who needed to keep up with the dietary requirements of eating while on the move. These products have been used for weight loss purposes and users have found them effective. Before you opt for meal replacements in your diet, there are 7 important things you need to know:

1. There has been one great misconception regarding meal replacements

A major misconception about meal replacement shakes is that you will begin seeing the results instantly. While that may have been portrayed in TV ads and commercials, it is not necessarily the case. The amount of protein in meal replacement shakes is adequate and you can receive a sufficient supply of vital nutrition to keep up with the required threshold. Weight loss shakes such as herbalife shakes can be used to completely replace a meal or two in your daily diet or reduce the intake of calories while achieving the nutritional threshold.

2. The success of meal replacement diets is dependent on more than taking shakes

Losing weight through meal replacement is not only a matter of consuming the weight loss shakes. The tangible effects can only be felt when we exercise more and eat less.

3. They are convenient and easy

The convenience of meal replacement diets is unrivalled. Whipping them up only takes a few minutes and you are good to go.

It can sometimes be a little difficult to adhere to strict dieting plans. Meal replacement shakes will save you the hustle of counting calories and even establishing the nutritional content of all the foods you purchase.

4. You can select what to have in your meal replacement shake

Meal replacement shakes can be consumed at any time of day. Different people take them at different times of the day depending on their preference. You can also add other healthy and natural food items along with your meal replacement shakes. Take a look at the following infographic to know the benefits offered by each food natural food item.
Colours of Healthy Eating

This Infographic is by Every Nutrient

5. Making your meal replacement with the right ingredients will help fill you up

Hunger pangs can be distracting for people working to achieve their weight loss goals. The tendency to overeat is common among people who are not fully satisfied. Meal replacement shakes solved that problem by satisfying consumers. They contain a combination of three key ingredients:

– Fiber to satiate you
– Protein to sustain a full stomach for longer
– Good fat to control hunger hormones

6. Meal Replacements are not FDA regulated

There is some controversy surrounding meal replacements since the FDA does not regulate most of these products. This implies that the ingredients indicated on the label may not be what actually are in the product. Another thing is that there is a possibility of these supplements interfering with any medication that a person may be taking.

7. Sporadic use is best

It is highly recommended that you replace your meals intermittently. While you can opt to replace at most two meals a day with meal replacement options like slim fast , it would be best if you use these products sporadically. If you are a person who uses meal replacements alongside, then you can slowly taper off as you learn to choose healthier foods.


It is advisable to be well informed before taking up any meal replacement options. This information will save you the frustrations of an ineffective diet plan for weight loss. Meal replacements are a great choice but they must be done right.

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