6 workouts you should try in 2020

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I‘m one of those people that love the chance to try something new. The uncertainty and nervousness, and the adventure that ensures – it’s like living on a personal rollercoaster.
So I thought, why not try a few new exercises this year?
It’s easy to get bogged down with boring exercise or the same few routines week after week, so consider this a fun way to discover new workouts and maintain momentum.

1. Aerial yoga

We know it sounds crazy but hanging upside down in a cloudless off ropes and stretching and twisting is exciting, exhausting, and great exercise. Expect to work your core, arms and legs, and to improve muscle strength.

2. Peloton spinning

Shot of a young man working out on an exercise bike at home

If you don’t have a Peloton, find a friend who does; we promise you’ll be hooked after the first try. It’s a recorded live class that you join from the comfort of your own home. And don’t think it’s boring to work out alone, you won’t feel alone; trust us!

3. Thai boxing

Two determined athletes fighting on a kickboxing training in a ring.

If you want to improve the condition of your heart, and strengthen your legs and core at the same time, Muay Thai is great. It’s an incredibly involved and active workout, so it’s the perfect way to start off a long day.

4. F45

Fitness woman using training ropes for exercise at gym. Athlete working out with battle ropes at cross gym.

This Aussie franchise is generating a whole lot of hype. It’s a functional training class that lasts 45 minutes, and is full of dynamic, high intensity circuit training that will transform your body. You’re going to love it.

5. Hydro classes

A woman of African descent is swimming in a pool as part of a fitness class. She is smiling at the camera while holding onto a water weight.

If you thought working out in water was just for those over 60, think again. Aqua workouts are getting a makeover. Now, you can lift weights and squat underwater, bringing a whole new meaning to resistance training.

6. Rowing

We already know rowing is a great full-body workout, but now there are full gyms dedicated to rowing classes, incorporating other exercises for a fuller, even more effective workout.
What workouts are you going to try this year?

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