3 of the Best Connected Home Workout Pieces

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Remember a few years back when the very first Apple Watch was released? Remember how it seemed like the beginning of an entirely new era; texting and calling on your wrist, taking pictures from your camera, all that information about how much you’ve walked and when it’s time to stand up – it was life-changing.

Today, not that many years later, technology is changing things all over again. Now, not only can you take a phone call on your wrist, but you can take a workout class from the comfort of your own home, with a couple dozen other people, and a coach who can actually see you and comment on your performance.

If you’re not sure what exactly what I’m talking about, I’m referring to digitally connected home bikes, treadmills, mirrors. The smart home fitness revolution is here. These are 3 of the best available on the market.


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